Make Jamaica ‘Tote-ally Plastic Free’

    JN Money remains committed to Jamaica and the well-being of its people. We recognize that in order for Jamaica to achieve its goals of being the place of choice to work, raise families and do business, environmental protection must play an important role.

    This is why we have launched our “Tote-ally Plastic Free Bag” campaign, in partnership with the National Environmental Planning Agency (NEPA), to promote the use of reusable bags in light of the ban on single-use plastic bags.

    You too can play a part in making Jamaica plastic free by receiving a “Tote-ally Plastic Free Bag” from JN Money.

    To receive a “Tote-ally Plastic Free Bag”, all you have to do is follow these three simple steps:

    1. Watch the ‘Plastic Free Jamaica’ video.
    2. Fill up the contact sheet
    3. Collect your ‘Tote-ally Plastic Free Bag’
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